Equipment Leasing

What is leasing?

Leasing is the process of acquiring equipment via third party finance and paying for it in manageable monthly amounts over a pre-agreed term. It’s just like any other loan, except that it is secured by the assets that have been acquired, therefore allowing for a lower monthly interest rate.

If you pay for equipment monthly,  your business will be able to hold on to the capital and you won’t have to tie it up in buying assets, who’s value depreciates over time. Leasing allows your business to grow, by freeing up the capital to use elsewhere.

What are the benefits of leasing to your business?

Protect your cash flow

Have the technology and equipment you need now for a affordable monthly payment.

Increase your profitability

Conserve your working capital and put it to use elsewhere.

Pay for it as you use it

You can pay for the equipment as it’s used and spread the cost through its working life.

Tax benefits

Leasing qualifies as an operating expense to your business, meaning each payment is tax deductible.

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