How to Write a Technical Press Release

Where: For consistency, release your news from the city and state of your corporate headquarters, unless your release ties to a specific event. If you’re at a trade show or launching a product in conjunction with a larger partner, consider wiring from the city of the show or partner to leverage the larger audience. TREW Marketing announced news at HubSpot’s Inbound conference from Boston[2], where the conference was taking place:

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3. Craft the Lead Carefully

Don’t get too creative with your first few sentences. Journalists, writers, and readers are all looking for the purpose of the announcement. Stick with covering the traditional 5 W’s of journalism in your first few sentences:

  • Who is making the announcement?
  • What are they announcing?
  • When is it happening?
  • Where is this taking place or where is this announcement relevant (industry/application area)?
  • Why should the reader care?

4. Include Validation

A quote in a news release can go a long way to provide anecdotal information, and give credibility to your announcement. When creating a quote, or asking someone to provide a quote for your release, remember that journalists may use that direct quote in other content, as if they spoke to the person directly, so make your quotes represent your brand well. Strong quotes in technical news releases come from:

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