How to Write a Technical Press Release

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7. Use Links Throughout, Including a CTA

Link to your company home page, product pages, industry pages, and data sheets as they’re mentioned throughout the release. Also include a specific CTA at the end of the release with a simple, spelled-out URL, in case sites that post your release strip links from content.

8. Include Contact Information

Either have contact information in the coded data of your news release (through a wiring partner) so it’s available only to journalists, or include contact information or a link to the “contact us” page on your site near the end of your release so it’s easy for a prospect to get more information.

9. Include a Boilerplate

Your company boilerplate should be at the bottom of your release, under the heading, “About [Company name]”. The boilerplate should be less than 100 words and share your corporate pitch[5], explaining what you do.

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10. Watch Your Length

Technical companies often want to include every detail in a news release – avoid doing so. News releases should be scannable and to the point, and there are plenty of opportunities to link to new product pages, company overview pages, data sheets, or more specific content. Ideally, keep your release (from headline through boilerplate) under 500 words. Check with your wiring company, too, as some wiring companies will charge more for releases more than 400 words.

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