How to Write a Technical Press Release

  • Beta users who can prove the use case for the product you are launching
  • R&D engineers who can share expertise about the technology
  • Executives or Business Development leaders who can share how the launch fits into an overall company goal or strategy

5. Make Specs Scannable

Consider using bulleted lists to condense the top 5-10 specs of a technical product into a release. This will make the release more readable and also give an engineer looking for specs a straightforward list to review.

6. Support Your Brand

Refer back to your corporate brand messaging[3] to ensure you’re using consistent messages in your release. If you plan to wire your news release, it will likely get picked up on third party sites and may be covered in other outlets. News releases provide a great opportunity for well-branded third-party coverage, because another author can use your message as the foundation for their content. So, make sure you have a strong, consistent corporate message in your release. This release from Wineman Technology[4] announces news at a trade show, but also takes the opportunity to underscore the overarching corporate brand:

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